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  Hanspeter Zünd – «der Göttliche…». Auf der Gasse nach Formenreichtum gesucht.
Searching für Richness
of Forms on the Alley

Hans-Peter Zünd living in Olten working as a graphic designer and art-creative-consulting-director since he left art school.

He was working as an art-director in a very famous advertising agency which got a lot of awards most of them won by him. Since 1985 more and more on his own art was worked.

An excellent graphic artist
Hans Peter Zünd was a succesful professional, he worked in the best agencies like GGK where the best selling author Martin Suter took part.

He was an excellent graphic artist with the best reputation not only in Switzerland but also in Europe. 20 years ago he stopped working and visited the best bars in order to paint.

Hans-Peter Zünd made interesting and curious things and sold them to famous people, his talent was distinctive.

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