On the Alley

Portrait Women
Portrait Men
On the Alley

Most of the works are developed in the street because he had not got an artist`s workshop. Numerous night owls know Hans-Peter Zünd very well because he drew and painted very often in many night clubs and pubs. Many of his works have been made in such bars.

In all the visits to the bars and night clubs he always met the faces from which he made portraits using incredible materials.

I enjoyed life with colours, forms and enjoyed to watch.
Sometimes he used the painting and drawing to improve his soul and combat his conflicts with the world, for example to overcome the divorce from his wife. „I overcome this difficult time painting that`s the way Zünd remembered this time.

Pictures of plants
During the time in Reiden many of the picture of plants were created. One of the most important works of the artist is the withered stick of plant, Hans-Peter Zünd explains: „I want to show the beauty of this dying plant because not only the fresh bloomimng plants are beautiful.

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