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Vicenzo Cosentino lost his friend Hans-Peter Zünd in April the 30th of 2015 (Zünd was born in 1950).

„He was a hero for most of his friends and he leaves large gaps“.
„He was a chum and proud man with a huge heart“ said Cosentino. „He was a genius who was always a step forward in the future“ said Cosentino.

Since 1985 Hans-Peter Zünd dedicated more time making portraits of human beings and plants. He was an eccentric person who saw himself like an art figure. He staged himself with coloured garments, hats and a lot of sparkle. But behind this dazzling face there was a hearty and emotional person who was often misunderstood. He always gave away his portraits as a gift or sold them for little money.

He looked different behind his dazzling face.
He was original in Olten said Jörg Binz (artist). Because of his eccentric outfits everybody knew him but he was a very sensible, highly intelligent, creative and social person. He was never a delinquent, he will stay in our memory as a genius for ever in Olten.

Hans-Peter Zünd was really a person who caught everybodies eye, his clothes were black and he always had a hat, he drew with curious materials like Maggi (instant soup) mustard, wine, salt and Pepper, a really crazy man. In October he would be 65 years old.

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